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Luxura Vegaz 9200

Luxura VEGAZ 9200
The all new Luxura VEGAZ 9200, next generation Hybrid Performance LED Technology.

The Luxura VEGAZ is the world’s leading sunbed with the latest tanning technology.

The superior choice in Hybrid (UV + LED) performance, the Luxura VEGAS not only looks sensational, it performs even better. VEGAZ combines red beauty light and sunlight for unbeatable long lasting tanning results & skincare.

  • Hybrid Performance
  • Maximum UV Tanning Technology combined with Red LED Light therapy for a premium tan and smoother skin
  • UV – LED Tanning Booster, a UNIQUE FACIAL TANNER combining UV Light with Red Light LED Therapy for an enhanced tan and anti-aging skin care
  • Optimised shoulder and neck tanning for an all-round perfect tan
  • Bluetooth wireless music connection
  • Smart cooling technology with climate control
  • Optional refreshing mist
  • Choice of 3 fragrant aromas
  • Spacious and comfortable design with cutting edge technology
  • Assists the production of Vitamin D